Staying active during your holiday is a great idea! Even if holidays are for relaxing, you can explore the world around you and make memories with your loved ones.

At Salines, we offer a variety of activities that will help you stay in shape while still enjoying the destination.

Water aerobics

We offer water aerobics classes in the Mediterranean Sea several times per week. Gently wake up your muscles and boost your energy for the day in the water reserved just for you in the early morning.


At Salines, you can try longe-côte, a cardio sport where you walk in water up to your waist.

This hike through the water has countless benefits for the body and mind, toning and invigorating you.


Our teacher will be happy to introduce you to the benefits of yoga and help you listen to your body. These classes, given directly on the beach facing the sea, will help you to release the tensions of daily life and strengthen your body.


Our pilates instructor offers classes several times per week. The pilates method is a gentle workout that combines deep breathing with physical exercises.

Strength training

Take our strength training classes with our personal trainer and improve your body during your stay. 



Camping 4 étoiles presqu'île de giens

Go on an adventure to explore the Giens Peninsula countryside, with one of the many water sports on offer!

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Salines is your base camp on the French Riviera, facing Porquerolles island.

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