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  • Dénomination ou raison sociale: MIRO
  • Structure juridique: SNC
  • Capital social: 40 000€
  • Numéro de SIREN et lieu d’immatriculation: 33974404700079 - Saint Tropez
  • Siège social: Les Jardins de la Mer BATJ 83310 GRIMAUD
  • Numéro de téléphone: (0)428013971
  • Nom du responsable de la rédaction du site: David Luftman
  • Nom de l’hébergeur: VIXNS
  • Adresse de l'hébergeur: 15 impasse Figueroa 13008 Marseille
  • Numéro de téléphone de l'hébergeur: +33 977 550 569


Conception : Metycea SARL

Hébergement : VIXNS 


1 • Unless otherwise stated, the company is the copyright holder of all the information on the website, notably text, images,photographs, plans, logos and all other documents. 

2 • Permission to reproduce web pages is authorised upon written request by the requstee only and in respect to the following three conditions : 
- the information is available is free of charge
- the information to be used in its integrity (without modification or alteration) and the source is mentionned.
- specific mention of the site (https ://www.salines-giens.com) as the source and that copyright is granted for private use. Copy cannot be used for commercial purposes. 

3 • Designs and other distinctive elements on the site belong to the company Rivages who are the licence holders. 


1 • The website is registered with registration number 1164762.

2 • Nominative data : The use of the the site www.salines-giens.com involves the collection of certain personal information of the website user. This collection is to identify a person to establish a legal contract for the sale of online products or services and to communicate information to those users who have accepted to receive this information. 
Personal data collection may require the use of cookies registered by our server onto your hard disk to facilitate navigation of our site and to offer you a certain number of personnalised services. 
You have the possibility of disabling cookies in the toolbar of your navigator. We invite you to do so if you wish. Should you do so certain applications and personalised services may not be able to function . 


  • The website www.salines-giens.com constitutes an intellectual creation with "SALINES" as its author as indicated in the articles L. 111.1 and following the French Code of Intellectual Property.
  • All components of the website www.salines-giens.com, particularly photographs, text, slogans, designs, images, animated sequences with or without sound, and all intellectual creations on the website www.salines-giens.com are the property of "SALINES" or third parties who have authorized the use to "SALINES".
  • It is strictly forbidden and constitutes an infringement of copyright liable to prosecution to reproduce, represent, use or modify - either partially or entirely - texts or illustrations of www.salines-giens.com by any means or into any form whatsoever, without the prior written agreement of "SALINES".


The corporate name "RIVIERA VILLAGES" the logo "SALINES", are trademarks registered by "SALINES".

  • Other trademarks are also mentioned; they are in principle identified with a capital letter.
  •  Any reproduction, representation, use, adaptation or alteration of these trademarks is strictly forbidden and constitutes an infringement of copyright liable to prosecution without the prior permission of "SALINES".


  • "SALINES" will not be held responsible for any direct and indirect damage, especially material damage, loss of data or financial damage that may arise as a result of accessing or using the website www.salines-giens.com or the information found therein.


  • The website www.salines-giens.com is operated by "SALINES".
  • "SALINES" headquarters are based in France and these general terms and conditions of use are governed by French law.
  • Internet users accessing the website www.salines-giens.com from outside France, must ensure this is in compliance with locally applicable laws.

"SALINES" may revise this legal notice and general terms and conditions of use at any time, it being stipulated that revision and updating of the general terms and conditions of use is needed from the moment they were published online.

Publishing Director

Presqu'ile de Giens

- France contact@salines-giens.com

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