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Kitesurfing & Windsurfing

Salines is the stuff of dreams for surfers. Book your surfing holiday at the top surf destination in in the South of France!

The best beaches for kitesurfing, windsurfing and paddle boarding.


The Giens Peninsula is a unique destination for kitesurfing and windsurfing with its distinctive characteristics, but also for its wind direction and water conditions.

Offering the perfect holiday for riders and their families is our way of sharing our love of one of best spots for surfing in the South of France. You’ll find everything you need, whether you’re travelling with friends, family or on your own. 


Kite surfing lets you fly 

Feel the unique sensation of gliding across the water, lifted by the wind and performing tricks. Let yourself be carried away by this distinctive sport. It’s so easy to get started, all you need is a water surface and some wind. 

Kite surfing brings together a lightweight board under your feet with a kite, or power wing, that’s controlled using a bar. Once you’ve got the basics and mastered the wing’s power, you’ll enjoy this exciting sport that’s hard to match.


Windsurfing – sailing in its purest form 

Enjoy the escapism of travelling across the water with the power of wind and water currents. Windsurfing is a must on the Giens Peninsula. You’ll feel the positive effect this sport has on your mind as you steer your sail. Explore the landscape, the sea air, freedom and more besides!

Windsurfing is a quick and easy sport to enjoy these days. With the evolution in usage and recent trends, the equipment has become lighter, more ergonomic and easier to access. Come and discover the joys of gliding across the water with just a sail and a board. Let’s get going!

Practical information for riders

  • Prevailing conditions are south-easterly (rarely) and east to north-easterly.
  • Easy location above 25 knots, above this the sea becomes very choppy.
  • Except for south easterlies, the wind is generally offshore.
  • Conditions can be awful when there are small, more structured waves.
  • Sandy beaches, no pebbles.
  • La Bergerie beach is a reserved just for windsurfing.
  • Head for Almanarre beach on the other side of the peninsula for kitesurfing – just 5 minutes’ drive.

Come and see for yourself! We have set up your accommodation to be completely comfortable, with a terrace that’s ideal for evenings with friends. Saline has 143 super-comfortable new accommodations equipped with bed linen – all have large exterior and interior spaces as well as great style.

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Salines is located at Hyères on the stunning Giens Peninsula. Its welcoming ambiance and Capte beach will delight both nature lovers and surfers alike.

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