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The îles d’Or

Explore the three island gems off the coast of Hyères – Porquerolles, Port-Cros and Le Levant. This group of islands, known as the îles d’Or, form the Port-Cros National Park and is a place of outstanding beauty both on the land and sea.

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Idyllic beaches and protected sea life, hiking and culture...

Their history

Behind the name of this collection of islands, îles d’Or, lies a legend penned by the writer Gustave Roux, who was born in Hyères. The story recounts that Prince Olbianus’ four daughters loved to swim in the Mediterranean. One day, pirates arrived at Hyères and Prince Olbianus, aware of the danger, tried to call to his daughters to come home. But being too far away, they couldn’t hear him. The Prince turned to the gods and asked them to save his daughters. In response to his plea, the gods decided to turn his four daughters into islands. The daughter closest to the shore became the Giens Peninsula and the other three became the îles d’Or.



Porquerolles is the largest of the three islands and has a varied and multifaceted landscape! Known as the island of two faces, the southern coast has numerous cliffs that conceal rocky inlets and small coves where you can hide away from the rest of the world. The centre has the most plant growth and is where you can see its abundant flora and fauna.  The northern coast is the most exotic with a Caribbean feel where you can admire the turquoise waters lapping against fine sandy beaches. You can get to the island by boat in around 15 minutes, from the Giens Peninsula.



Port-Cros island is the wildest and the best protected. It’s ideal for divers who want to observe the plethora of fish such as rays, grouper and multicoloured varieties. And the more adventurous can explore the island on a full-day trip to discover its true heritage. As Port-Cros is the best preserved of the three islands, you can only get around on foot to admire the flora and fauna. This island is accessible by boat and the journey takes about one hour, departing from the port of Hyères.


Le Levant

Le Levant is the island where nature reigns supreme. On this island, you can feel a tranquillity to life with a boho atmosphere. A large part of the Levant is used by the military but the rest is open to the public. One thing sets the Le Levant apart from the others – it is the only one where naturism is the order of the day both in the village as on the beach.  Nudity is a way of connecting with nature. You can explore the lush vegetation with its hidden coves. This island is accessible by boat and the journey takes about one and a half hours, departing from the port of Hyères.


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There are so many stunning places in this area – Les Salins, the îles d’Or and the coastal path, sentier du littoral - making it heaven for lovers of nature and tranquillity.

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